Scientists Found Species Which Spend More Energy Everyday Will Live Less

In contrast to Charles Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest‘ theory, scientists have done a new discovery. After research on some marine organisms, scientists claimed that species which spend more energy in everyday life, less live than their counterparts who spend less energy.

That is, lazy people live more than working species. Scientists involved nearly 299 different marine organisms in research. Among them, sea turtles and oysters, which spent the most energy, were also kept.

Research found that due to high energy expenditure, metabolism of these organisms was intensified, whereas metabolism of those who had low energy was very low. According to Bruce Lieberman, professor of biology at Kansas University, the more slow the metabolism will be, the greater the ability to live.

In fact, those who spend less energy need less energy through eating. In such a situation, they can easily survive in difficult situations. On the other hand, those who spend more energy need more energy even in difficult circumstances and if they are not met then they become weak and die soon.

Helpful species can be found in finding the cause of extinction: Through this research printed in the Proceedings of Royal Society B, the conservators can quickly find out which organisms may soon end because of climate change. Due to the constantly changing climate across the world, many organisms are on the verge of ending.

In such a way, there is a risk of extinction on the ones that have more energy. Scientists say that they will now research on whether these rules apply to animals and humans living on the ground? However, scientists say that research does not mean that lazy people are healthy.

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