Every Year 2.8 Million People Die Because of Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for health, this thing is no longer hidden from anyone. A study involving some surprising figures has come out. Researchers said that 28 lakh people worldwide die due to road accidents, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases due to alcoholism every year.

Researchers have not found any evidence that consumption of alcohol in small amounts helps people to stay healthy. Apart from this, they have not found any evidence that alcohol consumption can be helpful in any way.

According to detailed research, drinking alcohol occasionally can be harmful to health. According to the report printed in the Lancet Medical Journal, 28 lakh people lost their lives in the year 2016 due to alcoholism. All the countries are facing the problem of over alcohol consumption it can only be stopped with personal counselling.

In most of the countries government doesn’t have any rules regarding the alcohol usage, It can be prevented by applying some restrictions towards the usage.

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