This AI System can Detect Malignant Tumors Easily

Scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence System that can accurately recognize lung cancer spots in CT scan. It can also identify spots that many times find it difficult to identify radiologists.

Researchers say that the AI ​​system is up to 95 percent accurate, while only 65 percent of human eye can assess precisely in these cases. In the US, Rodney, working in the University of Central Florida, said that we used the brain as a model to develop our own system.

This process is similar to the algorithm that the face recognizes the software. It scans thousands of faces to match a particular pattern. Researchers have shown more than one thousand CT scans to the computer model designed to identify tumors.

To make the computer efficient, they taught to study lung tissues by ignoring the tissues, nerves, and other structures seen in CT scan, Hope scientists come up with more useful medical technological methods to prevent harmful illnesses.

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