Recent Studies shows Reading Loudly Increases Memorizing Power

If your child is unable to memorize any text then ask him to read the habit of reading in a loud voice. In one study it has been found that long-term memory increases by reading loudly.

The results of the study have come to light that there is a beneficial effect on the memory of the double production method ‘production effect’ of speaking and listening. By speaking and hearing, the word becomes familiar and thus increases the likelihood of retention in the mind that is in memory.

Colin M. McLeod, Professor of Waterloo University of Canada, said that active participation in the study ensures the benefits of learning and memory. He further said that when we add active measures or production elements to any word, then that word becomes more typical and lives in our long-term memory and becomes remembrance.

The team involved in this study, published in a journal called Memory, examined four methods of learning written information, including quiet reading, reading, listening to, reading and reading aloud to anyone.

The results of the study show that the production effect of loud reading is best for memory. McLeod said the study tells that the idea of ​​working or the activity also increases memory power. This research is based on prior studies, in which it has been stated that the production effect of activities such as writing and typing words, ultimately increases memory.

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