China’s Volvo Car Manufacturing Unit has lot for the World

One of the ten most attractive cities in China is also worth a visit to Volvo Car Manufacturing Plant in Dachining and to adopt in such units throughout the world. Here ten days before the management of the plant is realized with the accuracy of seconds, at what time a new car will cross the customer’s expiry line (line of finishing for delivery) to fulfill its order, This Swedish company has the fifth plant in China, where mainly three-seater luxury car S-90 is being produced.

The plant is manufacturing 25 thousand cars every year, and a large part of it is exported to Europe and America. There is no scope for the delivery of cars from this plant to India because the right-hand driving cars are built and moved in China. Whereas left-handed driving cars are sold and operated in India.

For 21 journalists from ten Asian countries on Friday, the Volvo unit had an opportunity to understand. The biggest problem in front of the Swedish General Manager of the plant, David Stanstram, is the delivery of spare parts for the car and the delivery of ready-made cars. According to David, we sometimes find the rail network more competitive than shipping. For example, for delivery to Belgium, the car gets quickly through the railroad.

Is there a compulsion to hire local people in front of them, on this David says that this is all right for us. We prepare locals according to their need, We have to give training to everything. Even its also how to treat them. It is also a policy of keeping China’s employment at home.

In February, David, who took over the responsibility of General Manager of this plant, has done a great job by applying a system of confession in the plant.

According to David, the most emphasis is given here that if any employee has made a mistake, then he does not hide it because we can maintain our credibility. We guarantee that no action will be taken against him. A small mistake can also bring us in a situation like recalling our product from the market. The cost of every S-90 car coming out of this plant spread over an area of ​​83000 square meters is about 10.8 lakh yuan (Rs 1.1 crore).

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