New Study Reveals Using Timber for Cooking can Lead to Cardiovascular Diseases

Due to the use of coal, timber or charcoal for cooking over a long period of time can lead to cardiovascular diseases that increases the risk of death.

Revealed in a new study done by Derrick Bennett of Oxford University of Britain said, It has been suggested in our study that those who use solid fuel for cooking should use electricity or gas as soon as possible diseases associated with blood vessels are a major cause of death of people all over the world.

It was suggested that cooking by solid fuel such as coal, timber or charcoal, air pollution can happen, and it can also lead to untreated death from heart disease.

However, there are limited evidence of this Recent studies have shown the relationship between solid fuel and heart disease used in cooking. Also, the potential impact of moving from solid fuel to clean fuel has also been shown between 2004 and 2008, 3,41,730 persons from 30 to 79 age group were included in 10 regions of China.

Participants were asked what kind of fuel they normally use to cook. Professor Zhengming Chen at Oxford University told us that we found out that using solid fuel for long periods of time to cook food causes high risk of heart related diseases.

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