Apple Preparing to Launch Three Versions of the New iPhone Model

As usual at Apple, there is never a consensus on the part of the analysts on the results in the market of their products there are some who see a clear success in sales, while others always advance that seems never to reach the company.

The answer comes in the form of figures in the closing advances; the last was overwhelming, with the firm announcing an increase in profits close to 32% and a trillion in capitalization with the iPhone X the analysis is very similar those who see the bottle from the prism of the units sold.

The data can be discouraging but knowing that the signature of the apple wins and quite a lot, not only with the hardware sold but also with the services added, and that the iPhone ‘grows’ at a rate close to 5% per year (according to estimates by Gene Munster),

Things change 2017 saw the announcement of the iPhone of the tenth anniversary call to change things, and the terminal came with two solid arguments: remove the button ‘Home’ and entrust the unlocking of the terminal in facial recognition.

It is clear that the step was not false because the company has managed to increase turnover in one segment that of telephony on the verge of saturation. So things Mark Gurman quintessential informant of everything that is cooked in the mysterious back room of Apple, has announced that there will be up to three new iPhone that will present the company if things do not change in a few weeks.

The prestigious Bloomberg analyst explains that Apple would have varied its strategy in the mobile segment instead of overwhelming the market with new phones pursuing an increase in units sold, Those of Tim Cook would now pursue to increase the global turnover, without worrying about the market share.

That is more income even if fewer units are sold, Apple knows that it is still and by far the most profitable brand in the mobile segment and knowing that fewer and fewer are sold, the only way out is to increase the unit price of sales.

Thus, the analyst advances that there will be three versions of the new iPhone that Apple announced in the fall the internally baptized as D33, an intermediate version identified in its internal records as D32 and a boot model that bears the identification N84.

The first of them will exceed the bar of $ 1,199 (about 1,027 euros) in its base model, an increase that would follow the path of the increase of 19% with the arrival of the iPhone X; this model would offer the largest screen for the moment in the iPhone: 6.5 inches as the only argument of weight for the change in regard to visible developments, leaving the rest of the improvements at an incremental level. Apple always takes advantage of the changes of the S models to improve camera, processor and performance.

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