Around 300 Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Found Dead in Oaxaca

Who is responsible for irreparable loss? About 300 olive ridley an endangered were found dead on Tuesday off the coast of Oaxaca in the Mexican Pacific, when they were trapped in tuna fishing nets, local authorities of Civil Protection

The specimens of this species, which is the smallest of the sea ​​turtles , were found on the coast of Barra Colotepec, near the tourist town of Puerto Escondido, where they were probably headed to spawn.

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection of Mexico explained on Tuesday morning that it was dealing with a report of sea turtles trapped in a fishing net off. But after noon State Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca confirmed the death of the turtles.

The animals “would have been trapped in tuna fishing nets”, indicated Civil Protection through a Twitter message while noting that Profepa would investigate incidental fishing of the turtles in coordination with the National Commission of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Protection Civil of the entity.

Last Friday authorities of the Mexican state of Chiapas reported that to date there had been 132 deaths of sea turtles in the sanctuary of Puerto Arista , in the municipality.

According to unofficial reports, the specimens found in the Sanctuary presented evidence of interaction with humans such as blows, head and shell wounds, or evidence of fishing devices in their bodies such as nets and hooks.

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