Increase in the Infection rate due to Rain Falls

Infections caused by rains are from Storage water, sewage, mosquitoes, flyflakes Children are more likely to be infected during this period than adults,i So keep the children from infecting the infants in the air Typhoid, dysentery, vomiting, colds, respiratory problems, diarrhea.

If you say this, it will not be the same for those who are suffering from children. But there is no need for babies to cope with each other with the rainy season. It is possible to protect these diseases with minor care.

These diseases do not have a child’s ability to maintain cleanliness, body and environmental cleanliness in foodstuffs. For this purpose, Children should be encouraged to clean hands before eating.
Water should be given to cooked and drained water, Put the lid on the ingredients, Outside fruits and juices to keep the kids away from Dengue fever

It is crucial to detect the disease at the beginning of the boom. Like a normal fever, dengue is also beginning, so no fever should be avoided. Bones, joints, eyesight, and rashes on the face should be consulted by doctors without delay.
Cleaning is important for babies, The humidity in the rainy season is likely to increase in humidity. So babies should be bathing when the weather is slightly hot.

If the atmosphere is cool, it is necessary to wipe the oven with a cloth dipped in hot water, Make sure the skin is always clean and dry, Dress the whole body covers, Coils should not be used unless mosquito screens and ointments are used, Diabetes should be constantly changing.

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